Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blogging Challenge - Day Three

Ok, this blogging every day experiment is NOT as easy as it sounds.  Hey, I never claimed to be a pro; I certainly don't make any money doing this like some bloggers do. I guess the reason I do this is for my mental health. I don't do it because I think I have something profound to say, as I'm sure my 3 or 4 readers would agree with.

People blog for lots of reasons.  I follow a lot of blogs. Many if not most of them deal with political and cultural events of the day, but I also follow a lot of "religious" blogs that deal with spiritual as well as secular topics and are written from a Christian perspective. Some blogs have been started as on-line diaries, and I guess that comes closest to describing my blog, although that does sound quite self-indulgent. Oh well, feel free to check out another blog if you like.

My fun week with the grandsons has been cut short by the death of a favorite Aunt of mine.  We are traveling to SC for the funeral tomorrow. But it is important to be there, for my cousins and other family. With her death, I have only one remaining uncle, and my Mother left of that generation. When they are gone, a lot of family history will go with them. That's the thing about the death of a family member or close friend. You lose a part of your own history when they die, because they knew you as no one else did or does. Their memories of you and growing up or your parents or grandparents die with them and so you lose a little part of your history, not to mention your future - in the case of a child. I think I will spend the time in the car tomorrow remembering all the things we did at my Aunt's when we were growing up.  A treasure trove of memories that will make the journey shorter but more fulfilling.

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