Friday, January 20, 2012

About Those New Year's Resolutions

No, I haven't broken any of my resolutions - yet, but I have had to re-think them.  It's amazing how much life can change in just a few weeks.  What seemed so important just before Christmas, now takes a backseat to other more pressing concerns. One child gets sick, one loses his job and another almost loses his as well.  Lots of reasons to be on my knees these days.  But in the midst of bad news comes happiness too as I learn that I am finally going to be the "Mother of the Groom" sometime later this year!! So back to those New Year's Resolutions . . .

One of them was to "spend less".  That will be important right up until the time we start having to help pay for a wedding!!  Another was to "eat less".  Now can I just say that this particular resolution has become, as it must, my only real goal for 2012!  If a son's wedding can't motivate me nothing can, right? 

I'm sharing this, not because I intend to keep a weight loss journal here. [I know you're relieved about that.]  But I do need all the encouragement I can get - even if it's just from my imaginary friends out there on the Internet. Writing about this just might be the one way I can be accountable to, well, to myself.   So I may share some insights and some milestones, some stumbling blocks and some tips.  Who knows, I may even share some recipes! But don't worry, the one thing I won't share - pictures!!

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