Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Resolved . . .

Have you made any New Year's resolutions yet? I know, it's not even Christmas, but I have to spend at least as much time pondering what resolutions I want to make as it takes me to break those resolutions - about a week.

Last year I had a three page list of resolutions.  I remember exactly 3 of them: read more, call my good friends regularly and get more sleep. I do think I've worked on that last one most diligently.

I'm pretty sure that another one had to do with losing weight and getting in better shape.  After all, what self-respecting American woman doesn't have that on her to-do list every year? This year I'm paring down my list considerably: spend less, eat less and get more sleep - hey, I've heard that the sleep thing is really important!

Along the same lines as a list of resolutions for the New Year is another list that has become popular in the last few years, a "Bucket List." Have you made one of those?  I only have one recommendation, make this list when you are young and stand a better than even chance of accomplishing the things on your list.  It's not that there aren't some wild and crazy things I'd like to do at my advanced age, but I realize that the chance of doing most of them is rapidly decreasing.

But I'll share a couple of mine with you. I'd like to go on a cruise - my DH wants to go to Alaska, but I don't care where the boat is going as long as it brings me back to dry land eventually. I'd also like to drive across the USofA, and I'd like to take my grandchildren someplace they've never been before - an adventure for all of us.  See, those things aren't too wild and crazy.  Once upon a time I did want to parachute out of an airplane but not so much now.  I consider that one definite advantage of getting older - getting wiser!

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